HyperKelp builds hosted payload buoys that collect, process, and transmit data from the maritime layer. Our modular architecture lets users in multiple fields monitor weather, keep tabs on water quality, and track missiles.
Long Range

Deployable from air or sea, HyperKelp streams live data from anywhere in the world.

Fingertip Data

Data flow is immediate, instantaneous and always available.


Our hosted payload platform can accommodate chemical, meteorological, and tactical sensors using multiple interfaces.


At Hyperkelp, we believe our future as a species depends on knowing what’s happening

Smart buoys collect and transmit marine-level data

Delivers data from places satellites can’t see

17 times faster than any other hypersonic missile detection system

Rugged Communication Platforms

HyperKelp is a self powered buoy with a global internet connection. Small and portable, it’s deployable by boats and airplanes. Once deployed, it can process and stream data from anywhere in the world in real time.

Situational Awareness

The HyperKelp platform streams situational awareness data to the palm of your hand. Our user-friendly interface keeps users updated with the data they need in real time. Alerts can also be programmed into our dashboard ensuring users won’t miss key events as they take place.

Rapid Development

HyperKelp is partnered with Swift Engineering. That means we have access to advanced fabrication facilities certified for aircraft, spacecraft, and automobile manufacturing.

Our Partners

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