Meet Our Team

Dr. Graeme Rae

Graeme has a PhD in Ocean Engineering/AI and Acoustics and 30 years of experience pushing the limits of marine engineering. He created the world’s most accurate surf and marine forecasting models with Surfline. Graeme has served as a marine consultant for Environmental, Military, Oil & Gas, Aquaculture and Space industries. Graeme most recently founded the Marine systems group at Swift Engineering developing advanced underwater robotic sensor platforms which ultimately became HyperKelp. Graeme also served as officer in the British Royal Navy and taught graduate level classes at Florida Tech and Florida Atlantic Universities.

Lisa Flower-Rae

As our Operations Director, Lisa is tasked with making sure things run smoothly at Hyperkelp. Passionate about environmental sustainability in the Ocean Blue Tech industry, Lisa’s interests lie at the intersection of marine conservation science and technology; ocean advocacy, and customer relations.

Coming from a 25-year background in healthcare, operations, marketing, and project management, Lisa prides herself on being innovative and solutions focused. She oversees our HR & communications efforts, and spends her free time giving back to society by helping implement sustainable visions, developing social impact innovations,.

Costas Soler

Costas started out at NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley. He’s worked on multiple research teams where he contributed to spacecraft flight hardware, developed robotic control software, and remotely managed observatory operations for the University of California Observatories (UCO). Costas has published multiple research papers in stellar astrophysics and planetary physics. He holds BAs in Marine Science and Astrophysics. Before HyperKelp, Costas also founded and ran Blue Dot Underwater Drones, delivering vehicles to pilots throughout the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Mediterranean Sea.


Hyperkelp is one of 10 companies accepted into the 2021 TechStars Space Accelerator.


Hyperkelp featured in the Orange County Business Journal as a Startup to watch.


Our Solution

Our hosted payload platforms collect, process, and transmit data from anywhere on the ocean’s surface.

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