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Filling the Gaps in Ocean Data

Every day, remote sensors miss over 30% of the ocean’s surface. Don’t get us wrong – satellites and planes are critical and powerful tools, especially when you need to quickly cover millions of square miles at a time. But surface sensors can deliver data with resolution and persistence that aircraft and spacecraft physically can’t achieve. Buoy-based measurements aren’t affected by inference artifacts, cloud cover, or transit periods. 

You can track the gaps in SAR satellite measurements below. The greyed-out tiles show you where key remote wave measurements haven’t been collected since Saturday!


Environmental Management

Kelp Smart Buoy

The Kelp Smart Buoy (KSB) is built to host any payload at sea, and guarantee data delivery from any point on the Earth’s surface. KSB is a proven, sensor-agnostic, hosted payload platform, with a combined 43,000 hours at sea (and counting).

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Defense & Intelligence

KSB A-Size

The KSB A-Size delivers all core features of the standard KSB in an A-Size sonobuoy form factor. This KSB covertly detects, identifies, and alerts on multiple overhead threats, including hypersonics, supersonic, subsonic, fixed and rotor wing aircraft.

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HyperKelp’s “Ocean-Data-as-a-Service” model allows customers to access their own payloads, and data collected via an API that developers can incorporate into their own systems.



Buy a Buoy

  • You own the platform
  • Standard sensor package included
  • Deploy your own sensors
  • We integrate sensors for you, or modify yourself as needed

Lease a Buoy

  • We handle sensor integration and deployment
  • Use your own sensors, or choose from our library
  • Standard sensor package included
  • 3 month minimum


Buy Data

  • 15+ standard weather and water quality measurements available; custom upon request
  • 2-week minimum
  • Real time and historic datasets available

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