Distributed Intelligence

KSB A-Size

Built for any deployment scenario, the KSB A-size delivers all core features of the standard KSB in a standard sonobuoy form factor. Compatible with UUV, Aircraft, UAV, Boat, and submarine deployments, the A-Size hull is already familiar to the warfighter. This KSB delivers low-SWaP MASINT, SIGINT, and EW payloads to any contested environment. 

The KSB M-Class is built around a processor that supports on-edge analysis and processing for most types of small sensor feeds. M-Class has been used to deploy acoustic payloads, as well as computer vision payloads to extract signals of interest, and classify the source vehicles in real time.

Countering Hypersonics

HyperKelp is a cost-effective bellringer that forms the surface layer of a multi-domain hypersonics alert and defense system.

By providing surface-level data access, Hyperkelp senses unique Hypersonic Sound Signatures for early detection. The Hyperkelp-MDS is not hindered by weather or weak target signals. Hyperkelp-MDS gives defenses faster warning for a fraction of the cost of satellite based systems. This makes it an integral component of a global awareness network. Help us deploy the first line of defense against these terrifying new weapons.

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Long Range

Deployable from air or sea, M-Class delivers live data from anywhere in the world, with up to 100 nautical miles of detection range.

Fingertip Data

Data flow is immediate, instantaneous and always available. No need for aircraft to loiter on site to recover data.


Our hosted payload platform accommodates passive and active tactical sensors using multiple interfaces.