Newsletter November 8th

CEO Corner: We’re about to make some hotshot fighter pilot REALLY happy! One of our upcoming DoD tests requires multiple ocean flyovers by fast movers. We are looking forward to demonstrating our capabilities in the real world. We should have some great photos and even more significant data sets.

Meet the CEO: I will participate in a panel discussion this Friday, November 11th, in LA at Equity Crowdfunding Week ECW2022. Please stop by and meet the experts and ask me some tough questions about investing in space (the inner kind).

Shout Outs

Pat Sullivan. Welcome to our board of advisors! We are beyond thrilled to tap into your decades of experience at the helm of Naval Information Warfare Center (NAWWAR)

Spaced Ventures: Crowdfunding team has put together a fantastic, user-friendly platform for everything related to HyperKelp. But, in the interests of full disclosure, you should know that they have some other unique opportunities, including PixspanPrinceton Satellite Systems, and Xairos. So get more familiar with Spaced Ventures today; you’ll be glad you did.


We were one of only twelve companies selected to participate in the Technology Operational Experimentation Event 23.1 (TOEE 23.1), demonstrating maritime domain awareness (MDA) payloads for ONR Global and the US Marine Corps. We will spend the spring on Camp Lejeune, North Carolina beaches, letting the USMC get their hands on our hardware.

(USMC AAV : Camp Lejeune)

Our fleet is showing up on Google Maps.

This latest round of Google Earth satellite imagery picked up three of our buoys, though they’re not exactly easy to see…and that’s a GOOD thing!

Our M-Class buoys for defense customers are even smaller – invisible to most satellites and radars. That low profile, combined with our modular payload capabilities, make the Kelp Smart Buoy (KSB) ideal for covert Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), and counter-hypersonics applications.

️ Announcements

This has been a month of collaboration!

  • We are teaming with a major defense prime to pursue a perimeter security contract in an effort to serve partner nations.
  • Partnering with Pierce Aerospace to host counter UAV systems in difficult maritime environments.
  • Partnering with Xairos on a National Science Foundation NSF proposal to detect tsunamis with their advanced GPS capabilities


We would appreciate introductions to defense and commerce attaches at the embassies of Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines. We can help improve the economic security of nations that depend heavily on the oceans.


Our Maritime Counter Intrusion platform is currently running in a local harbor. If you want to try a demonstration, talk to us about booking a meeting.


We demoed our units to the Japanese Defense Forces at the Defense Industry Promotional Exhibition 2022 with our partners at Swift-XI.


Spaced Ventures: Many of you have been asking about how you can invest in HyperKelp, and NOW is the time. Regardless of how much money you’re thinking of investing, you can take part in our crowdsourced funding round by clicking here.

Best of all, right now it’s just an expression of interest (without obligation), though on November 15th we expect to start getting more serious.

You can show your interest by clicking here, and we’ll be in touch with more information as we shift gears. Go on! When was the last time you had a chance to really get in on the ground floor of something?

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